VRCHIVE Features

Useful tools for VR lovers and VR creators


Free and instant VR cameras

We made 360 Panorama Capture (deprecated) for VR videos and maintain Eyeshot for VR devs and their users to stream VR photos to VRCHIVE.

Supported formats

Mono and stereo cubes and spheres, also known as cubic strip and equirectangular.



Projects allow for better tagging and discovery of VR apps, games, and experiences.

Streaming ready projects

Stream photos from inside supported VR apps, games, and experiences.



Show the love, and use likes to bookmark photos you want to be able to find again.


Build a following, or follow others to see what they post.


Check the Directory to see when new projects are added. List a project there for higher visibility.

Private and unlisted uploads

Don't want the world to see all your photos? No problem.

Privacy controls

By default, VRCHIVE shares data with no 3rd parties and will not email you without expressed consent.


WebVR support

Browse VRCHIVE out of VR, or in VR through a WebVR enabled web browser.

Mostly done

Native apps

Browse VRCHIVE in VR and cache photos for offline viewing.

3D phone support

If you have a glasses-free 3D phone, edit an image url from /image/ to /auto/image/ to enable autostereoscopic mode V1.

Zero Ads

Not now, not ever.



Post links on reddit and twitter to rake in more karma, likes, and views.

Slideshow embeds

Create slideshows like this.


Coming eventually, probably

Sell dynamically created merch

Earn $5 or $10 per item sold, we'll handle the rest.