A free and simple 3D 360° screenshot saving and streaming utility


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v1 release:

-Unity is ready, UE4 is on the way
-Vive capture issue with 360 Panorama Capture resolved
-Updated integration with VRCHIVE brings auto uploading to VRCHIVE user accounts for real time capture and sharing of mono and stereo 360° screenshots


See: blog.vrchive.com


In 2015, we co-created a Unity plugin with eVRydayVR because we wanted to save our virtual memories. In the year since, we've watched in admiration as developers found use in mono and stereo 360 screenshots and 360 video made in Unity. We had the realization that there isn't a VR content problem, there is a content discovery problem. Eyeshot is by no means a solution to all the problems, but we hope we can at least help a little by making discovery more fun and giving people a place (VRCHIVE) they know that they can go to see new stuff everyday. Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube are great promotional tools, but they weren't designed for VR.

Unity now, UE4 and three.js soon.

Rift and Vive via SteamVR. Rift via Oculus Home.

See the VRCHIVE blog for integration tutorials and videos.

Developers can stream privately to their VRCHIVE account, or pass the streaming feature on to their users through a .ini file. See How to Stream 360 Screenshots to VRCHIVE with Unity

It can with some modification, but provides no benefits over 360 Panorama Capture.

We'd like to let you know when there are significant changes to Eyeshot. Your information will not be shared with anyone. You may opt in to VRCHIVE's update emails separately by creating a VRCHIVE account.